How to Survive High School (Part 1 of many)

So, part of high school is the classes. Because you know, it’s a school. Classes help you learn things but sometimes they can be pretty boring. Here are some fail proof – NON ELECTRONIC – ways to keep yourself entertained in class. One. Any Doodling In Math Class Video Vi Hart is, in my opinion, […]

New Comic Project

I just finished story boarding rough sketches for a comic I’m going to make in tune to the song Space Oddity by David Bowie. Better sketches will come later Anyways, more to come soon – I will make all of the drawings the quality of the first four. This is just a sneak peek.

Tuck Everlasting Fan Art

I finally got around to drawing some Tuck Everlasting fan art. I highly recommend listening to this unfortunately short lived broadway show. It’s based off of the book Tuck Everlasting and has great songs. Winnie Foster in the song “Partner in Crime”: Jesse and Winnie in “Top of the World”: Winnie and her toad in […]

Master Works Drawings

My master works project is to create a comic book that teaches kids and adults with no experience with making to learn how to use things like circuits, woodworking, and 3D Printing. This is a selection of ┬ápages I have been working on.   Here is a video of how I draw my pages.

Princess Lea Drawing

Today I drew a picture of Princess Lea that I did in PE, because it was raining. I personally am very proud of my hair and shading. I tried to not make her look happy but rather determined and focused. I want to do a similar portrait of Rey, but I haven’t gotten there yet. […]