The Wizarding World in Street View

JK Rowling’s newest movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, has bewitched itself into Google Maps. A new Maps easter egg has been planted, in three locations actually! The best way to find these muggle proof locations is to use your Accio spell and search up “Fantastic Beasts” in the Maps search bar. This […]

Ch.4 I Know Another One

Chapter Four: Why Space Travel is So Oddly Dated Once upon a time, a long long time ago, humans found these awesome animals with four legs that are strangely convenient for riding. They breeded them and named them horses. They bred them to be strong, tame, rideable, and pretty. Let me stop you right here […]

Ch.3 I Know Another One

Chapter Three: A History of Reading You are reading this right now. Your light in coming from the sun to let your eyes see and your eyes are pointed at this because your brain found it interesting. Your eyes, nerves and brain are working together to take an upside down image and transform it into […]

Camp Nanowrimo

This is the first chapter of my Camp Nanowrimo book. The book is called I Know Another One. This is the first chapter: Chapter One: The Story of This Title Once upon a time, in a land far far away (New York’s Washington Heights) there lived a young boy who had an older sister. That […]

Tuck Everlasting Fan Art

I finally got around to drawing some Tuck Everlasting fan art. I highly recommend listening to this unfortunately short lived broadway show. It’s based off of the book Tuck Everlasting and has great songs. Winnie Foster in the song “Partner in Crime”: Jesse and Winnie in “Top of the World”: Winnie and her toad in […]

This is What a Superhero looks like

What do superheroes look like? Well, let’s see, capes, flying, saving people from destruction… stuff like that. No. I mean, what do real superheroes look like? The ones who actually make a difference in the world. Well, the answer is, you’d be surprised; real super heroes look like lots of people, and I’m going to find some great examples. […]

Virtual Reality for Animals

I have been thinking about VR, or virtual reality, a lot lately, since I have been lucky enough to get to try it out. For us humans, most VR consists of a head set that a person holds to their face and sees something cool, the display has two pictures of the same image that […]