The Beginning of JefMads Ch 7

ZZZzzzz! James Madison awoke the next day after his walk in the park to the sound of a brigade of texts from none other than Thomas Jefferson, the boy he met on his walk. James sleepily remembered texting a “hi” to him when he got home but didn’t expect such a loud response the next morning. He sadly smiled, Alex had been the same way… Always bombarding James with texts. James thought this was adorable and soon fell for Alex. But this time James was going to be more careful, first of all, he would make sure he and Thomas had the same view on things and made sure that Thomas was ok w/ them together. Who knows if he’s even gay, James would have to check that too. And then of course there was Burr, James would have to avoid Burr for some time before he and Alex were completely though with their quarrels.


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