The Beginning of JefMads Ch 6

A young man, the same age a James was walking along the trail. He had amazingly curly hair and wore dark purple jeans and a maroon colored hoodie and was texting someone with the latest gPhone. He walked in such a way that he wasn’t exactly strutting but there was something purposeful and almost rhythmical about the way he walked. He put away his phone and kept walking as he neared James. He sat down on the other end of the bench and started examining his nails. After completing that, he started combing his hair with his fingers and puffing it up a bit. He turned to James,

“You think it looks good?” he asked cocking his head as for James to look at his hair.

“Um, yeah” James responded, he did think that his hair looked good but, also wasn’t exactly in the mood to talk to strangers. Yet this stranger didn’t look so strange. Did he go to King’s College? James thought.

“I’m just not sure what Americans think of my hair style,” The boy murmured.

“Oh, you’ve never been to America?” James asked, starting to be curious about this foreigner.

“Oh, no, no, no, no! I’ve just been in France for a while, studying abroad, you know?” James nodded. “I was at King’s College a two years ago, spent a year in Paris, and now I’m back here again. I’ll start school with everyone else after spring break is over.”

James sighed, Once back from school after spring break everyone would have to know about his break up with Alex, all except for- what was this guy’s name? “Don’t mind me asking but, what did you say your name was?” James asked,

“Thomas, Thomas Jefferson, I’ll be a freshman at King’s College.” Thomas said.

“Hey cool! I’m James Madison, I’m a freshman too. Maybe you and I could hang out sometime.” James said. “Sweet! Sound like the jeffer just got a new bestie! Here’s my number”


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