The Beginning of JefMads Ch 4

James Madison was not one to cry. Nor one to get angry. He stayed to the side of his emotions, rather than within them. But now was one of the rare occasions in James’ life where staying to the side was a position that could not be attained. He had to do something with the terrible devastation and sorrow within him but what? He began to pour himself into his homework, it would have to be done at some point and it was going to be done now he thought to himself. Supposedly, this distraction would last long enough for some of his emotions to boil down. He had never been though a break up before, nor through any substantial relationship for that matter. Though, now that he thought about it, it really was better that they had broken up. If it hadn’t been for the slavery quarrel something would have come up. He just couldn’t quite place his finger on it. He was wracking his brain to find it when his math homework slid back into view. Punching out the quadratic formula onto his paper his curiosity battled with the math, fighting over his brain. James couldn’t take it anymore. Leaving a note for Aaron that he had gone to the park on account of a headache he left the apartment and walked to the bus stop.


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