The Beginning of JefMads Ch 3

James Madison was unique, he could see both sides of an issue and make a claim for either one. He fiddled with his key as he thought about what had happened in the days after his visit to the Schuyler’s. As he tried to get Alex to come to terms with his views, it looked less and less likely that they were going to make up. They stopped going on dates and their rare kisses were a thing of the past. James could see both sides of this situation, either they would forgive or they wouldn’t, and James was ready to choose a side. He opened the door and saw his roommate Aaron Burr sitting at the table staring at his laptop. Aaron was different than James, he could see both sides of an issue, but was never able to decide which side he was on, and would end up deciding not to play a part in a debate at all because he couldn’t pick a side. With this in mind, James decided not to bring up his problem about Alex with Aaron. He also knew that Aaron was friends with Alex so anything he said could be passed to Alex, he’d rather say things to Alex himself.

“Hey, uh, James?” Aaron looked up from his laptop as James was putting the bread in the fridge.

“Yeah?” he responded.

“Uh, Alex wanted me to tell you something.” Aaron said, closing his computer and looking at James.

“What is it?” James asked unemotionally.

“He’s uh, well, he wanted me to give this to you.” Aaron fumbled and pulled out a folded piece of paper and gave it to James.

“He hopes that you and him can still be friends.” Aaron finished, picked up his things and retired to his room. James unfolded the piece of paper and read it over. When he finished reading it he smiled gently but there was sadness in his eyes.


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