The Beginning of JefMads Ch 7

ZZZzzzz! James Madison awoke the next day after his walk in the park to the sound of a brigade of texts from none other than Thomas Jefferson, the boy he met on his walk. James sleepily remembered texting a “hi” to him when he got home but didn’t expect such a loud response the next […]

The Beginning of JefMads Ch 6

A young man, the same age a James was walking along the trail. He had amazingly curly hair and wore dark purple jeans and a maroon colored hoodie and was texting someone with the latest gPhone. He walked in such a way that he wasn’t exactly strutting but there was something purposeful and almost rhythmical […]

The Beginning of JefMads Ch 5

As James Madison was walking through the park, it became long after dark, but he didn’t care for curfews at the moment. This fact was quite unimaginable for anyone who had met James, he always played by the rules. This, this was different. James was devastated enough to break the rules for the sake of […]

The Beginning of JefMads Ch 4

James Madison was not one to cry. Nor one to get angry. He stayed to the side of his emotions, rather than within them. But now was one of the rare occasions in James’ life where staying to the side was a position that could not be attained. He had to do something with the […]

The Beginning of JefMads Ch 2

James Madison started to worry about his relationship with Alex, they had been going on dates less and less. So James had gone to see Angelica, the unofficial relationship helper at King’s College. As he walked past the Schuyler house on his way to the store he recalled that visit with Angelica… “Oh hey James,” […]