This is What a Superhero looks like

What do superheroes look like? Well, let’s see, capes, flying, saving people from destruction… stuff like that. No. I mean, what do real superheroes look like? The ones who actually make a difference in the world. Well, the answer is, you’d be surprised; real super heroes look like lots of people, and I’m going to find some great examples. […]

Virtual Reality for Animals

I have been thinking about VR, or virtual reality, a lot lately, since I have been lucky enough to get to try it out. For us humans, most VR consists of a head set that a person holds to their face and sees something cool, the display has two pictures of the same image that […]

Master Works Drawings

My master works project is to create a comic book that teaches kids and adults with no experience with making to learn how to use things like circuits, woodworking, and 3D Printing. This is a selection of  pages I have been working on.   Here is a video of how I draw my pages.

Princess Lea Drawing

Today I drew a picture of Princess Lea that I did in PE, because it was raining. I personally am very proud of my hair and shading. I tried to not make her look happy but rather determined and focused. I want to do a similar portrait of Rey, but I haven’t gotten there yet. […]