Final Words to Get to 5,000

Note: This is NOT the whole chapter, it is the last words until the word count of the whole novel is 5,000. In other words, the full chapter will exceed the total of 5,000 words, this is just up to 5,000.  Chapter 4: Something About a Blackout There was indeed much to think about in […]

Extra Ch of Who Knows

Note: This chapter will be cut down and complied into Ch 5. The other part where I’m ranting about Moana and Hamilton I’ll take out. There I am sitting here in math class Excuse me can I have a hall pass I gotta go to the bathroom Have a secret meeting with Madison So Harper, […]

Ch 3 of Who Knows

Chapter 3:  Mis-shapen Mannequins and Muttered Mysteries Art was Harper’s next class, Madison was also in this class but unlike History where the class mostly kids she did know(and would never really know) Art provided more classmates she knew much better, including Tyler and James. None of these four children were at the same tables […]

Ch 2 of Who Knows

Chapter 2: In Which 5 New Characters are Introduced In The Span Of One Class Period The history classroom’s desks were lined up in rows. Harper sat in the back row while Madison sat in the second row. Madison was on the end of her row, next to her was Jessica, the girl who had […]

Ch 1 of Who Knows

Chapter One: The fourteenth day of 7th grade As Harper got out of bed one foggy morning she realized she had left her sweater at Madison’s house she made a mental note of this as she came into the kitchen. You wouldn’t really know but Harper was an expert at mental notes, mainly because they […]

Who Knows – the prolouge

Prologue: Broken Glasses and Broken Codes (This is actually an excerpt from a future part of the book) As the morse code translator opened on Harper’s computer everyone was nervous. Harper slowly tapped out the dots and dashes that Madison had uncovered. Monica, Riley, and all her other friends who had helped her so far […]

NaNoWirMo Novel

I am going to be posting my Nano novel on this blog. If you haven’t heard of Nanowrimo it stands for National Novel Writing Month: a challenging endeavor to write an entire novel in one month. I will be posting each chapter as soon as I finish it. Nanowrimo is really fun and it is […]