New Comic Project

I just finished story boarding rough sketches for a comic I’m going to make in tune to the song Space Oddity by David Bowie. Better sketches will come later Anyways, more to come soon – I will make all of the drawings the quality of the first four. This is just a sneak peek. Advertisements

This is What a Superhero Looks Like No. 2

Following the (some what old) post about the cast and crew of Hamilton being superheroes here’s another Hamilton that everyone should know about. Who: Margret Hamilton! Why: She programed the Apollo missions to the moon! (This was when computers needed punch cards and all code was written in Basic) That stack of binders and books […]

More on Pi

So, yesterday it cleared up enough for me to write out digits of pi on the side walk. Here is the video documenting it   So yay that was fun. Unfortunately I’m super sore from it and it’s raining again today so all the pi is gone.   In case for some reason you need […]

On Pi, The Universe, and Walkouts

First of all pi: the greek letter with a lot of buzz because it is a homophone to a dessert. (Trust me, it’s the only reason it’s so popular, tau is there for proof). It’s pi day and since I’m a nerd, I feel like I might as well celebrate it. So usually, I write […]

LGBTQ+ According to Google Trends

I queried around on Google Trends, the site where you can look at the frequency of search results and compare them. So, I decided to see how the different parts of the pride community stack up over time and I’ve found some interesting results… That one is searches though time, in the past year. (Notice […]

School Differences

First of all. I went to school in the US and still go to school in the US. However I used to go to a small private school and now I go to a public school. Note: All of these lists are in no particular order. Things I knew about private schools before: You pay […]


Hewo. So far this blog has had little on it save for my lame drawings. I’m going to start doing what Jane did on her blog because it’s cooler. ( More updates soon. (I aim to update Wednesdays and Fridays but we’ll se how long that realistically lasts.)

ISS Now On Google “Street” View

You can now travel to the International Space Station from the comfort of your very own web browser, can the Inter-webs get any cooler than that?!? Google has released a feature where one can explore the inside of the International Space Station by clicking though street view.  The link is given below as well as […]

More Awesome MiniFigs

New update with more lego mini figures from my photo shoot, (see the last post for others). This photo shoot is a little different because, while these are fictional people, they aren’t from any book or movie or anything. They’re just regular people with a few sentences worth of a back story, just to show […]

Harry Potter LEGO MiniFigs

I was just messing around with my Legos and my photo set up so I decided it was time to bring back the mini figure photo shoot. (I did a ridiculous one a while ago, link here) Anyways, here are a few Harry Potter characters as well as some Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find […]