The Diversity Conundrum

Believe me, diversity is great. But one has to get a bit more creative when trying to recreate things that specifically aren’t diverse. I recently purchased the $3 app Toca: Office for my phone because I love the Toca Boca apps. A quick explanation of the app would be that it’s a play set of […]

May the Fourth Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day! The unofficial yet somehow official fans of Star Wars holiday based purely on a pun. While some people would rather celebrate Cannon Day – the day when Disney released a list of everything that was cannon going forward. Many like to celebrate May the Fourth because it’s slightly easier to remember […]

How to Survive High School (Part 2)

Interact with people. I know, it sounds daunting but it will help. I’ve found there are a few different types of people to aim to know: Homework Buddy: They’re in your class (or more than one of them) and you got their number and if either of you are confused by homework you can text […]

New Podcast!

NEW PODCAST!!!¬† Hey there, I’m making a new podcast using the podcasting platform Anchor because it’s much easier than doing it all by hand and uploading to youtube. If you checked out my old podcast Hey That’s Cool this one will be similar but with one main change. HTC had only facts about stuff on […]

On Dragons and Gender

A not very long time ago in a galaxy far far not away I was in a bookstore. I’m the sort of person who looks at the summaries of books to actually see if a book is worth reading and not one of those people who pretends to but really is just loitering. I was […]

The Weight of Words

The Weight of Words is a series of drawings I’m doing following the theme of figurative art. It’s for camp NaNoWriMo but sort of also in its own section- seeing as its so specific. Enjoy

Making the Sky More Diverse

It might seem like an odd concept at first, how can space and the stars and planets have a culture? Of course space is diverse, everyone gets to look at it right? Well yes, everyone gets to look at the stars. But ever wonder where the names of these celestial bodies come from? Well let’s […]

On Collections, Hobbies, and Practicallity

So plenty of people a long time ago used to have collections of things as a way to pass time. Leaf collections make sense if you’re into botany or nature or something. If you like movies or famous people you can collect autographs. Coins are nice I guess if you want to get all 50 […]

On Bricks and Snow – A Trip to Massachusetts

So, for spring break (or perhaps fall break for the Southern Hemisphere?) I went to Massachusetts, Boston specifically. It’s April and so according to the people we stayed with April is the tipping point between Winter and Spring. We had one day of real snowing and the rest of the time it was either on […]